Monday, 2 May 2016

TMI Tuesday - Weekdays


1. Do you wish every day was like Sunday?
Meh, it’s nice to have the day away from work, but life needs variety and anyway, Heelsnstocking/YSL liaisons are usually midweek affairs

2. Why don’t you like Mondays?
Erm, did I say that???

3. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday love–which is best day for sex?
They’re all equally good for me. 24/7/365

4. Do you look forward to hump day aka Wednesday?
Ptth, if I had the sort of life where I was only living from weekend to weekend I’d be a little concerned

5. Friday night just got paid…do you get paid on Fridays?
Sometimes. The person who wrote these questions does realise that it isn’t 1932 where we get paid for doing shifts unloading cargo at the docks, right?? I think most people in the western world are on monthly salaries, so yeah, sometimes it may be a Friday.

6. What were you doing 10:15 Saturday night?

Bonus: Today in Washington, DC metro area it’s another Rainy day and it is Monday. What’s your weather?
Oh good grief!!! Hopefully better questions next week.

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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Isabelle Bize - Still Excited about her!!

You may remember from my post last week that I have a huge 'girl crush' on Isabelle Bize who is just as wonderful in real life as she is in her images and videos. 
As she is so great and I do encourage you to follow her on Twitter here and to also keep up to date with her pics and thoughts on her website here, it is only fitting that I share with you some very exciting Isabelle stuff that I absolutely adore and find very arousing.
 A couple of lovely sexy teasing videos from Ms Bize too!!

video video

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

TMI Tuesday - Significant others, lovers, and such

Significant others, lovers, and such

1. Make three true “we” statements about you and your significant other.
1.     We trust each other
2.     We respect each other
3.     We can rely on each other

2. What is important for your lover to know?
That she is valued

3. What is important for you to know about your lover?
That I can provide her with what she needs from me

4. Tell us two things that can make your sex life hotter?
1.     More time to be with each other
2.     Little trips away where we are just wrapped up in each other

5. Which have you said to your significant other in the last 48 hours (you can pick more that one):
a. I appreciate you
b. I love you
c. I am mad at you (or something similar)
d. You hurt my feelings.
e. Let’s fuck!

6. Thinking of your current significant other or lover, are they?
a. Good enough until something better comes along.
b. Just what you need but some tweaking, and refining would make him/her a great fit.
c. The person of your dreams, a keeper.

Bonus: Of all the people in your family, whose death would affect you most? Why?
I have had many of my family members die. The important thing is to accept that this will happen, celebrate their life and learn from their thoughts and actions. 
TMI Tuesday blog

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Isabelle Bize - Girl Crush

I like Isabelle Bize, in fact, I have a ‘girl crush’ on Isabelle Bize and instantly did as soon as I saw her.
I met her in Le Glamour one Friday night as me and YSL were ‘just minding our own business’ standing at the bar when she suddenly came into view in front of us on the raised section of the dancefloor that has three poles. She was gyrating against and around the poles, clearly entertaining her male partner who was sitting back with a drink enjoying the delight in front of him.
Her style and look is very burlesque and her dancing was punctuated with a finger to the lips now and again indicating that she was a bit of naughty girl. I was mesmerised by this confident, beautiful plus size lady. I couldn’t resist, so I leapt up on to the raised section with her and danced, stroked and generally adored this goddess. She was receptive to my advances and my face and her round bottom became very well acquainted over the course of the next couple of hours. It was all very sexy and very wonderful, but alas I didn’t get to enjoy her in the ‘downstairs’ section of the club, it was purely touching and teasing in the main section.

What a night and what memories. 

Isabelle has a great website located here that has some lovely images of her along with some very naughty writings too. It's in French, so if you don't speak the lingo, here is the Google Translated version, but do bear in mind that the website doesn't work so well on translation version and a lot of links won't work on it, so use the original French version and navigate/translate as you browse.

Follow Isabelle on Twitter here

For even more things Isabelle, she is on Facebook here and below is a nice little video of her from a shopping programme