Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Small cocks

Apologies blog following peeps.

Life has been busy, all good stuff mainly but it's meant I haven't had much time alone to write.

I'm still up to mischief, just adjusting to our new routine of only seeing each other for an hour or so on a Saturday.

Last weekend though we did manage to get away, we met up in Birmingham and had 2 nights together. The first night we enjoyed each other, nothing kinky or unusual, just closeness and making love. Just curling up in his arms and him kissing me is perfection and what I miss the most so I made up for it that night.

We spent most of Saturday in bed enjoying each other and having my arse thoroughly fucked. After a brief rest and a swim we then headed to Chameleons Club for a night of group sex. It was a couples only night and it seemed a good crowd in, this club never seems to disappoint.

We needed up enjoying 2 group scenarios but I got a crap exchange both times! The first dude went down on me and I must say he gave amazing oral but when I went to reciprocate I was horified!! My clit was bigger that his flaccid cock and after cock CPR I managed to get it to almost as big as my thumb!!! Add to that as soon as I got him hard he was wanting to cum!!

The second time YSL was enjoying the lady and her partner snapped on a condom ready to fuck me and from the angle I was at and in the dimly lit room he looked reasonable but then apparently he was inside me? Hmm either I had a numb vagina or he also had a small cock. YSL inspected his cock closely... He was bisexual so the boys had some oral fun and YSL confirmed he was lacking in inches.

Bring on next BBW night, it seems to bring out the the BBC's!! 

Hoping to get back blogging again, sorry I've been neglecting you x

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tmi Tuesday - the art of sex

1. Would you take or have you taken a sexually themed vacation getaway (i.e., Hedonism, Club Fantasy Island, Cap d’Agde)? Why or why not?

YSL: Hmmm, let me think. Me and Yummy may have been to Cap d'Agde once or twice. Why? Why not!!!

Yummy: yes consider myself a sex tourist! Looking forward to our next trip to Cap D'Agde.

2. You have won an erotic fantasy weekend getaway package custom fit to your needs. Describe the fantasy you desire.

YSL: Yummy fulfilled this one for me over my first birthday treat away a couple of years ago. A fantastic hotel suite with a large open jacuzzi in the living room that held four people and a full list of couples lined up that we brought back to said apartment all weekend long

Yummy: there is a particular trip we made  that I often reflect upon, it was just perfect in so many ways. Lovely hotel suite, playful sex, sun shining through window as we rolled around on the bed just adoring each other. 

3. An artist has decided that you are his/her inspiration. They want to capture the essence of your sexiness in a sculpture. What would that sculpture look like? Describe it for us or post a photo of an existing sculpture that you believe closely captures the essence of your sexiness.

YSL: I would draw the artist's attention away from me and successfully pursuade them that admiration of the BBW is the way to go and insist on something glorious such as this

Yummy: I think YSL has found the closest to me! Curvy and playful looking!

4. You are being paid 500,000 USD to pose as a live nude model mimicking one of sculptures in the photo below. Which sculpture will you recreate live? Why?

YSL: I'll go for the male in number 2 please. I just can't get enough of having my face buried inbetween a lady's wonderfully and willingly parted thighs to feast on that delicious wetness

Yummy: all look impossible but I will go for number 2 as well as I adore YSL eating me.

5. Which book title fits your current thoughts of love, sex or romance?
a. No More Silly Love Songs
b. The Joy of the Quickie
c. Dr. Seth’s Love Prescription
d. Why Do Fools Fall In Love

YSL: Not really that struck on any of the suggestions, so I'll go with 'Her Secret Pleasure'. Don't know if the book is any good, but I like the title

Yummy: I'm going to go with this book instead, sounds more like me :)

Bonus: Which one is you? See the sculpture below. Tell us which position you would like to occupy and write a caption.

YSL: Man standing up. Revisit answer for the reason :-)

Yummy: I want to try all including male position! 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sinful Sunday - hush

He certainly kept me busy, not sure how quiet I was and I certainly didn't talk with my mouth full.

Our hour together this week was electric and intimate, filled with the extreme opposites of holding each other to him spanking my cunt and fucking my mouth.

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sinful Sunday - anticipated moment

We managed to grab another hour together this weekend and we have a night planned meeting half way during the week which I'm so excited for!

That moment he pushed inside me yesterday was just perfect, I have needed to feel close to him since the moment we parted last week.

Sinful Sunday

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sinful Sunday- An hour together

YSL was home for the weekend so we grabbed an hour together. Time flew to quickly as we passionately enjoyed each other. As YSL came near to climax he told me once he filled my cunt with cum I was to sit on his face and give it back to him. As he finished his words I felt the warmth of him fill me.

I followed his instructions and minutes his face, at first enjoying his gentle licks then as I neared to cumming myself I felt the urge to rub my cunt harder on his face. I ground myself harder, lifting only for a brief moment to allow YSL a gasp of air then continued to use him for my pleasure. My climax was almost violent, the mixture of the surprise in my own behaviour, the visable effect it had on YSL and the wonderful sensation of his mouth against me.

I left his bed aching for more but so satisfied.

I love how you can see the shadow of YSL's hard cock.

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Sinful Sunday

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wild and intimate, swingers club MMF

Having been apart for almost 2 weeks my thoughts the second I woke were on YSL. Excitement sat in my belly and I was totally without appetite. As soon as I was done with organising the family for my few days away I was in the car getting closer to him. The 4hr drive passed quickly as my thoughts lingered around the possibilities of walking through the door at the hotel. 

My heart was racing as I pulled into the car park and I felt giddy as I walked along the corridor to the hotel room. My body wanted him to grab me and pin me to the bed as I walk in the door but my heart wants to just be held by him and to know he is close. 

My heart won, his arms wrapped around me and drew me in. He was dressed only in a towel and the feeling of his skin upon my exposed skin was just perfect. I dropped my bags and stripped so I could get even closer to him. 

After a passionate union of bodies we dressed and grabbed food at the adjoining pub before getting ready for our fun night ahead. It was BBW night at our favourite club in the UK Chameleons. We had invited a passed conquest, Steve,  also to meet us there, he is the only male we have enjoyed as a threesome that has exceeded our expectations and I certainly wanted to have a seconded helping especially as it had fulfilled such a fantasy of mine.

You can read about our most amazing previous night with him here

We got in the taxi and asked for him to take us to the club by name. we learned the hard way on our very first club visit that asking to be dropped outside a pub on the same street doesnt work. the pub we had found on google turned out to of been closed down for over a year and as we pulled up the driver said "do you want the swingers club or the pub" we wished we had just been up front in the first place!.

The car park was full and the street lining the road up to the club were all lined with cars, it was clearly going to be a busy night. We paid and headed straight to the changing rooms. i slipped on a black see through dress and patent stilettos, YSL adorned some spandex shorts that framed his cock very well then headed to the bar. Steve was there but deep in conversation with another guest, he was wearing a florescent green g string/pouch adding humour to his sex appeal seeing as it was a St Patrick's day themed event.

We people watched and enjoyed just being together while sipping on a very nice glass of wine from the bottle we brought. I hadn't been sure of going to the club this night for many reasons but one being that it was to be the last time before YSL starts working away. Part of me had wanted to keep him to myself and just enjoy the intimacy but right at this moment I realised that this was such the right way to be spending the night, it was full on 'us' and no time for dwelling on what this distance will feel like.

Nothing is happening in the play rooms yet and we embark on more wine until Steve catches our eye again and joins us for conversation. the last time we had met we had enjoyed a good social experience but again he enforced what an all round pleasant guy he was as he shared his current love life drama and expressed care and interest in us. I finished the glass of wine and decided to grasp the nettle and ask Steve to join us upstairs. as i heard the words fall from my mouth my mind was in shock that I had just blurted it out. that goodness he obliged and followed us to one of the large rooms upstairs.

I kicked of my shoes and crawled on the platform/bed area and was immediately joined by both the men. I recall how at ease I felt right at that moment, normally i feel concerned about how comfortable YSL would be feeling and not being at ease with myself indulging it such activities but this time I knew from our previous conversations that YSL was more than happy with this and Steve's respectful approach had me extremely comfortable with what was about to happen.

I lay on my side, YSL spooning me and kissed Steve, YSL bit and nuzzled at my neck and pulled my legs apart as Steves hands wandered slowly over my body until his fingers latched onto my clit. It felt like a jolt of electricity going through my body as my mind soaked up what was happening, we were just getting started and i arleady could feel the sensuality and intimacy build, the connection and passion between us was palpable. AFter my first orgasm from Steve masturbating me I asked YSL to fuck me while I sucked Steves cock. His cock his impressive and certainly tasty, I wanted to share it with YSL but wasn't wanting to pause to check a boundary in the heat of the moment.

YSL changing hole and fuck my arse hard as I tried to take as much of Steves cock in my mouth, I could feel myself getting close and the addition of YSL sticking his fingers into my cunt until I was so full was too much and I came loud and hard again. I moved the guys so I could enjoy both there cocks orally,swapping from one to the other and exciting myself with my greed and having suck gorgeous cocks at my disposal. I was cramming them both in my mouth and slurping them in and out, sliding them over my face in turn.

I lay back down when I had exhausted myself and Steve began to fuck me. He is a man in good shape and I liked the smile he had on his face as he entered me, he looked very pleased with himself. He fucked me hard and his balls struck my arse cheeks with every thrust adding to the pleasure. He was clearly near climax and he started to pause then push himself to the edge again before pulling out for a rest. YSL rollled me over and replaced the cock inside of me and Steve held and kissed me . its this moment and the reverse of YSL holding me while Steve fucks me that I am in my most bliss. That care while being shared, feeling loved but given away is just what my mind adores.

The guys switch places and this time YSL holds me with more intensity and passion. His hand rests gently round my throat and keeps me in my place. as Steve gets closer again and I'm nearing another climax YSL takes hold of my hair and pulls, the site of this clearly pleases Steve as his cock goes rigid and he shoots his load, he collapses on my back and holds me as his body shudders. The whole scenario has me in a state and that feeling of his cock reacting sends me over the edge, my entire body is cumming,every inch of me feels the extreme pleasure ripple over it.

much more to follow!!!!